Relationship Recovery Review – Fix Your Relationship Before you Break Up

Relationship Recovery Review – Fix Your Relationship Before you Break Up

What are your choices when your relationship breaks down? You can give up or you can try to fix it. If you decide to save your relationship then Rachel Rider’s Relationship Recovery is the e-book for you. The great thing about this e-book is you don’t need to be in a troubled relationship in order to benefit from it. In fact you don’t really need to be in a relationship at all. Relationship Recovery teaches you what you need to know to have a successful relationship and that information can be used in any phase of a relationship from the initial romance and infatuation to conflict and struggles to reconnection and finally to commitment.

As a relationship blogger I often receive e-books and courses to review.

This was one that I actually enjoyed reading. When I first received the e-book I though it was going to be another get your ex back product, but Relationship Recovery was something totally different. This is a book about building a strong relationship no matter what stage or situation you’re in now. This is a step that is overlooked in many books. This was a topic that weighed heavy on my mind as I research and write about relationships, so finding an e-book that dealt with the topic so effectively was nice.

I was particularly impressed with the exercises at the end of every chapter. As a single woman I wasn’t sure what I would get out of them, but I found that I learned a lot about myself and the role I played in my relationship. Were any of them recoverable? I can’t say, but I can see how this information may have made a difference at the time.

Relationship Recovery is over 170 pages of information. In it you’ll learn:

  1. How to assess your behavior and attitude to see how it affects your relationship.
  2. How to start being soulful and why reconnecting with yourself is so important.
  3. How to become more aware of who you are in your relationship and addressing your needs.
  4. How evolution and your personal development shape who you are.
  5. How relationship myths can ruin your chances at happiness.
  6. The life cycle of a relationship, where your relationship is now and how to reach total acceptance.
  7. The secret of successful couples and the best way to build a strong relationship.
  8. How to understand your partner, his needs and his behavior.
  9. How to reconnect with your partner, even if he’s not sure he wants to.
  10. How to reconnect sexually with your partner, even after an affair.
  11. How to deal with the factors that affect your relationship, including money, children and in-laws.

This is a well researched, well thought out, professionally made book.

Rachel is a writer for Meet Your Sweet, publishers of a number of relationship books. As with all of their e-books you get a book full of useful information which can be applied immediately. No fluff and no filler. Rachel’s writing style is forthright and honest. She tells you what you need to know without preaching. Her tone is very conversational, so it’s an easy read.

One point Rachel covered that  is my biggest takeaway from this book is how you need to work on your own behavior first. That’s why I believe this book is for singles and couples of all types. Learning how your behavior affects your relationship can help not only fix relationships in trouble, but it can help build a stronger relationship before there is any trouble. Imagine how wonderful your relationship can be if you go into it with the right attitude.

This book will empower you to take control of your life. In doing this you will have more control in your relationship. You can make changes and those changes will affect the people around you. You’ll be surprised how other relationships in your life will improve by using some of the techniques in Relationship Recovery.

As I said, Relationship Recovery will teach you how to fix your relationship and build a new life together.

But how do you know if your relationship is worth saving? As a bonus, Rachel is offering “Is Your Relationship Worth Saving?” an audio interview with counselors and relationship coaches Dr. Rob Bilton and Melody Chase. In it you’ll learn about what makes relationships break down and how in some situations love is not enough of a reason to stay together.

Another bonus you receive with Relationship Recovery is a report by Rachel Rider, “Repair After Separation”.  These techniques can be used with the Relationship Recovery system to increase your chances of reconciliation. Topics covered in this e-report include what not to do, grieving, evaluating your relationship, taking responsibility, forgiveness and reconnection. This report is over 40 pages of information on how to get your partner to want to come back to you.

As with any relationship book, there may be information that may not be clear.

Although Rachel gives as much information as she can, there is a lot of information covered. If she went into depth on each topic, you’d be overwhelmed with the amount of information. In the e-book Rachel does offer you the opportunity to email any questions about the ideas that confuse you to them for clarification. This is a nice bonus since you know you’re not alone, trying to figure things out.

Relationship Recovery would be of great help to anyone who has had or is having relationship problems. It will not only help you improve your relationship with your partner, it will help improve your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself. I know that reading this e-book has changed some of my thoughts on what makes a successful relationship.
If you think Relationship Recovery might be what you need, take a few minutes to check this out. With a 60 day money back guarantee, there’s no-risk, what do you have to lose?! And just think of all that you have to gain!

All the best in love and life,
Shana Jackson
Note: The writer of this review received a free review copy of this product. The owners of this blog will receive compensation if you purchase a product using the links in this article.

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Bennie Holt