Great Places to Pick Up Women

Great Places to Pick Up Women

Finding a breeding ground of single, eligible, attractive and phenomenally compatible women is in many ways a kind of Holy Grail search amongst men. But the search often turns up fruitless on both ends, leaving men scratching their heads and women wondering where all the good men are.

It is important here to debunk a pervasive myth that single and suitable women all nest in certain general locales, when in truth there is no universally golden spot for meeting the right woman. Places likely to land you amongst the women you are interested in is an exercise in custom-fitting your search routine to engage your own interests, and surrounding yourself with the women most likely to engage you in the most fulfilling ways. Below you will find some tips for accomplishing just this.

1. Yoga

This is something that is quite well known by men, but they still don’t really take advantage of it. On average, women outnumber men in yoga classes at least three to one. Often men flock to nightclubs and bars to pick up a woman, but this may turn into a crapshoot of sorts. Women in yoga are most likely healthy, relatively stable and centered, and care about the well-being of their bodies and minds. If you’re nervous about dropping into a yoga class, familiarize yourself with the poses first here. Beyond meeting women, doing yoga for yourself can be well worth it on its own.

2. Dog Parks

Dog parks are a good spot to meet women for many reasons— they’re fun, outdoors, and a park full of dog lovers can be a good time. Dogs are like children and provide a kind of instant common ground and playful diffusion of person-on-person contact if you are usually nervous talking to women. Dog parks celebrate a common human love for watching animals play, fresh air, talking to strangers, and the refreshing dose of bits of green inside otherwise metropolitan landscapes. The pick-up lines are a given—”What kind of dog is that?”It all gets easier from there. Plus, dog parks are a popular site for park barbecues, frisbee, kites and exercise: all of which provide ready-made social opportunities.
Not sure how to act at the dog park without a dog? Bring a frisbee, bring a book, and for more ideas read here.

3.   Café

Café’s are a diverse nesting ground. The daytime coffee shop scene is an interesting one. Those who choose to anchor themselves in the daytime coffee shop crowds are everything from writers to artists, to computer programmers or pretty much a freelance anything. It’s a better bet to meet someone with strange and intriguing ambitions than your standard corporate lunchroom, if that’s what you are into. Plus, conversation is easy to come by, and cafés differ drastically from one neighborhood to the next, so give them all a shot.

There is certainly nothing wrong with a corporate job or the standard 40 hours-a-week schedule, but daytime coffee crowds in our modern milieu include everyone like authors, app makers, artists, graphic artists, students, and more. If you are not sure what you want, you are more than likely to find it in a café somewhere at some point.
So perk up with some coffee, and ask to share a table with that beautiful woman reading in the corner. For more tips on working your coffee shop game, see here.

4. Book Store

Book stores are perfect spots to pick up women for many reasons. Firstly, they provide time, room, and content for conversation. Is she flipping through the pages of Tolstoy? Engage her taste, especially if it’s yours too. Bookstores also provide a bit of information about the other person beyond what she’s wearing. A woman’s taste in books can say a good deal about her, what she’s into and where she’s been. Not sure how to pick up that lady in the travel section? Get more advice here.

On another note, book shops are a steady bet for running into a variety of people rather than sticking to a more pigeon-holed way of searching for very particular types. Book stores draw people who are interested in a plethora of subject matter, providing a ready-made platter of pursuable conversation topics: everything from your favorite author, to creative cookbooks, to curiosities surrounding the world of travel. Not a big reader or looking for direction? Try a pick off this list of the 100 Greatest Novels from TIME magazine.

Bennie Holt

Bennie Holt