Picking Up Women Made Easy

Picking Up Women Made Easy

Over the years in studying this subject I noticed something interesting. I noticed that most of the things that guys do in order to pick up women, actually back-fire. In fact, sometimes it seems like guys are trying not to pick up women on purpose. They seem to do the exact things that women hate.

This is what has motivated me to write what you need to pick up women. Over the many years of studying this subject I’ve finally arrived at the exact things that contribute the actual results. This is the stuff that actually makes or breaks the deal. I know its going to sound simple, but like in every area of life, the true answer is simple. Its the complex answers that are a scam.

1. Be genuine and to the point, don’t beat around the bush.

This doesn’t mean that you jump out of nowhere, and be all in the face of random women. It simply means that are genuine and direct, while staying subtle. I think the crucial part in doing this thing right is confidence and charm. If you possess charm, then you can be as direct as you want, without coming across as aggressive. The secret in having a positive vibe that puts women at ease. You want to practice this ability as you try to pick up women.

2. Kill hesitation and desperation.

You want to train yourself up to the point where you don’t even think twice about talking to a woman. You want it to be to the place where if you see a cute woman checking you out, you just find yourself walking in her direction and saying hi. You do this by doing a lot of practice. Just go out there and decide to become the social guy that talks to everyone. Take a period of time to talk to everyone. Make it your goal to talk to everyone you cross your paths with. Become a master of small talk. Say hi, hello, good day to people you cross in your daily life. Over time you’ll find it a habit, so when it happens to be a cute woman, it’ll already be on autopilot.

3. Become the social rock star, yo!

Sure, good looks help, but by far the number one most attractive trait a guy can have is being socially popular. This is why rock-stars can get more hookups than most, even if they’re physically unappealing.

And here comes the best secret about picking up a lot of women. All the guys who pick up a lot of women have one thing in common. The meet massive quantities of women. Its a myth that guys who are good with women are better at convincing women to be with them. In fact, if an average guy can get one in 30 random women, a player can only get one in 15 random women.

You see, its still a numbers game. The big difference is the player socializes so much, and meets such a massive quantity of attractive women, that he always has new women who are interested in him. He picks up these women and it seems like he gets women with ease. What you don’t see is all the women he just befriended.

But really dude there really is no reason to be confusedabout picking up women. If you haven’t taken the quiz to see how you stack up with women yet… click here and see how you stack up with women.

Bennie Holt

Bennie Holt