Free tips on how to seduce women – Dating Resources and Links: Free Dating Advice and Male Dating Tips for Men Free tips on how to seduce women

Free tips on how to seduce women – Dating Resources and Links: Free Dating Advice and Male Dating Tips for Men Free tips on how to seduce women

These free tips on how to seduce women are derived from the book”The Game. Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists”by Neil Strauss.
Tip 1 on how to seduce women:

Ignore them.

Yes, you heard right: IGNORE them!

If you want to seduce women you are not going to get very far by getting in their face right away. At first, let them think you’re not interested. The last thing women want is some nerd following them around constantly staring at them and thus giving them the creeps. They may play with you but YOU won’t get to play with THEM.

To successfully seduce women, you have to keep your cool. Be patient.

If you are approaching a woman that is part of a group, don’t home in on her right away. Say hi to all members of the group, including your”prospect”. But after introduction completely ignore her for at least ten minutes. Why, you ask? This will do two things for you:

One: Women, especially the ones with good looks, are used to being admired and gawked at by men. All the more will she be irritated by the fact that a man is completely ignoring her. She may start asking herself if something is wrong with herself. Many women are insecure of themselves in one way or the other, believe it or not, even the hottest of hot babes. So this will get her thinking. Maybe she will think you are gay, maybe she will think you didn’t see how beautiful she is.

No matter WHAT she thinks: you got her thinking – ABOUT YOU! Your first step to successful seduction!
Had you done the same thing every wannabe would have done – approach her directly and jabber away at her while making a total dork of yourself – you would have had her thinking: “How am I going to get rid of this idiot?”
Now, you got her thinking about you in an interested way, which brings us to point number two:

As she is being ignored by you it will be up to her to establish contact. Ultimately, she will want to find out what is”wrong”with you – or her, for that matter. That way you have her in a position where you would normally be if you ignored this advice: SHE wants to get into contact with YOU – not the other way around.

Conclusion Resist your urge to”attack”the woman of your dreams head-on – that’s what everybody else is doing already, with limited to no success. Make it easy on yourself and turn the tables of how to seduce women in your favor. Make HER want to get to know YOU. It will be so much easier that way to get where you want. —

Tip 2 on how to seduce women: Use”emotional anchoring”. This very powerful psychological trick works like this: If someone you are talking to experiences positive feelings while they are talking to you – no matter where those feelings come from – they will subconciously attribute those feelings to you. If, for example, you ask a woman to remember her feelings when she first fell in love, those feelings will be”linked”to you. She will remember having a good time and feeling all warm and fuzzy when she thinks of you – not because of you but because of the feelings those memories stirred in her.

This technique is a standard among experienced sales people. The point is to get the prospect into a”buying mood”, which is effectively what you are trying to to when seducing a woman – you want her to”buy you”. People only make buying decisions when they are in a positive mood and you want to do all you can to connect yourself to this positive mood.

Think about it: would you have positive feelings about a messenger that brings you your divorce papers to your doorstep? Probably not. Would you feel positive about someone bringing you a winning letter from the lottery and who congratulated you with a broad smile?

Conclusion The mind makes no difference why we feel good. Get on the good side of your”prospect”by making them feel good.

Tip 3 on how to seduce women: Be confident and smile. To successfully seduce women you have to radiate confidence. Women love confidence in men. And the best way to appear confident is to smile. A smile shows that you are comfortable with yourself and the situation.

A smile also”tunes”other people in your favor. Smile at anyone and they will smile back. It’s a fact: a smile creates a smile. Only the darkest of souls does not react to a smile with a smile of his or her own, and you don’t want to get into bed – or anywhere else – with people like that anyway.

Conclusion When you walk into some place act like you own it. Straighten your back and move the corners of your mouth towards your ears! Smile and be smiled at!

Want more tips like these? Want to become a seduction pro? Find out the secrets of how to successfully seduce women others wouldn’t dare to approach! Get it”from the horse’s mouth”.

Bennie Holt

Bennie Holt