Picking Up Girls | How To Attract Women Tips

Picking Up Girls | How To Attract Women Tips

Picking up girls is easy and fun. There are so many people that are good at picking up girls. The first thing to know is how to be patient. The approach is the most important aspect when picking up a woman, and will determine how she will react to you. Some men use knowledge from books and successful products they have reviewed which makes them really good at picking up women. Most guys that are good at picking up girls have no idea why they are so successful. Guys should realize that its suppose to be fun picking picking up girls for the girl in question and themselves. By trying a lot of different approaches you can discover what works and doesn’t work with women which will give you more confidence. Acting like the perfect man for them is the key to picking up girls, you just have to show them.

Approach as many as you can to get the attraction technique down and get over your approach anxiety.

Many guys approach this as a horrifying experience when in reality it should really be a pleasurable one. What works for me is scanning the bar and find the one that keeps making eye contact then approach and say something outlandish or funny, don’t buy them a drink or they will use you all night for that. We all have approach anxiety to some extent. Approaching with high energy is spot on, and it’s something every guy needs to take to heart because if you can come in with high energy you’re success rate will double. If you take your time and use a good approach, you’ll get those girls picked up safely and securely. Firstly, the more women you approach, the more women you’ll end up having the opportunity to date. Most hot women are not approached by men, due to fear of rejection.

And sorry, but it is absurd to say no one approaches the most attractive women. Sit anywhere you like and observe – they are treated to a constant parade of approaches. Women tend to like strong men, even though the contemporary social code has eliminated the more traditional ways men might demonstrate strength to women when they meet in public. If you’re committed to success, then here is an approach I want you to try: Start with an opinion opener approach, go up to a girl and ask her for her opinion on something, proceed from there.

Keep eye contact, be yourself and always interact in good converation (you have to do more then just say yes to everything she says) and let her get to know some things about you. Make sure you remember when you first talk to someone the reason you started talking to them in the first place, have a point. If for some reason you say something wrong be light hearted, just joke around and explain it came out the wrong way. You can even compliment the color of her eyes or hair but wait until after you’ve had some descent conversatiom for a while.

It’s a good thing to comment on their looks (not just on their physical body) but on their hair or eyes maybe “that outfit looks great on you.”

Would work and let them know you think they are attactive without saying it directly about their body. When approaching a girl you can just start talking about some random topic you’re just read, or seen or even heard on about anything. Make sure you’re prepared to talke about the random subject because it will be totally awkward saying hi…..and then looking clueless with nothing else to say.

Most guys don’t know what the hell to say after the approach has been made, also most of the time they talk about manly stuff with their friend when they need to expand their knowledge about what’s going on in the world so they can start a conversation. Pay very close attention to her when you talk to her that way she can catch on that you’re interested in WHO SHE IS rather than just wanting to have sexual relations. If all you can talk about is your interest then you need to expand outside of yourself. If something big just happened, then talk about it with everyone and it will be your best conversation starter to pick up girls.

Remember to smile constantly, while you’re talking, while you’re observing, while you’re doing just about anything.

Practice talking to women in general throughout your day even if you don’t find them attractive. You’re not picking up these women; you’re just practicing talking to them. In fact, you might find it easiest to start by practicing talking to women you don’t want to go out with. You’ll be surprised at how much more comfortable you’ll become talking to the women you want to be picking up when you’ve had ample practice talking to women who you don’t. Always talk to, and treat her like an equal. Disqualifying yourself to a girl basically means putting up a barrier, and is a reason guys can’t talk. What’s not normal is when your approach anxiety prevents you from going up to and talking to the woman you want. Start talking to her like a friend or an average Joe, and see how she responds. You’ll be able to tell if she’s interested, and if you can’t tell, then keep talking to her ’til you notice if she is interested.

Be confident not arrogant. A show of insecurity is like repelant and you will not pick up a girl. In order for them to feel comfortable you have to sincerely listen and communicate well, so they will let their guard down. Be confident with everything you do in life. Ask good questions and be a good listener is the key to good communication which will help you be successful in picking up girls.

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Bennie Holt

Bennie Holt