The seduction community couldn’t keep ignoring the growing influence of guys like Aaron Sleazy who advocate a sane alternative to game. So they gathered in PUA-scam headquaters (probably located in former Bernie Madoff’s office lol) and came up with the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard in my entire life to discredit their competition – a fool’s mate.

Fool’s Mate, also known as the Two-Move Checkmate, is the quickest possible checkmate in chess.
That’s chess. In PUA psycho-lingo this term is defined as follows:

«In pickup, it is possible to obtain a fool’s mate via drunk targets who are alone, horny and desperate girls, etc. However the community does not consider this real game. A lay is a lay, but sleeping with a girl because of fool’s mate will not improve a PUA’s skill level. Also, the girl will likely be mad, or embarrassed at her own bad decision making. This guarantees that the sexual relationship does not last for more than 1 night. Masters are in this for the long run, or aim to develop multiple long term sexual and intimate relationships.

Fool’s mate is what typical AFCs refer to as «getting lucky».

Can you see what these manipulators do? They ASSUME picking up boils down to skills, and therefore come to the conclusion that getting laid without the whole «PUA foreplay» has no use. If you start with the wrong assumption you can reach the most idiotic conclusions. The simple term «getting lucky» wouldn’t be so appealing. So they chose the fancy «fool’s mate».   Again, witty terms replace critical thinking.

First off, wasn’t getting chicks fast the starting point of all this thing? I can’t remember any evolutionary psychologist saying human matting is defined by a group of men who call themselves pick-up artists, so if you are not doing it as they teach, it doesn’t count LOL

Secondly, if someone keeps getting women constantly it can’t be luck! Imagine a runner that keeps winning races, but his competitors say it doesn’t count, because his style is really bad, and he is just getting lucky.

Imagine, I start my own school of seduction based on Harry Potter’s magic that says you have to get 11 indicators of interest in the exact described sequence after each spell you repeated. Otherwise it is a «fool’s mate», it doesn’t count, and you are probably still a virgin LOL

In comments under section «Mainstream Media Bought It» Johnny gave 2 examples how the concept of a fool’s mate is used by those PUA clowns. It is really difficult to understand how come so many guys don’t see how ridiculous is this:

When you mentioned Keys to the VIP, I remembered a couple of funny instances. One is where there is a young guy who is every good looking, dresses well and not exactly smooth. The other guy has got great «game». The stupid guy goes to a girl, tells her that he thinks she is very beautiful, asks her if he can buy her a drink, then asks her if he can kiss her, and bingo – they make out. These judges are like he just got lucky, but «long-term», the other guy with good «game» will do better. In this episode, he made out with another girl. The other guy has got great «game», and runs around and gets a few numbers. He actually wins the show as coaches think he is awesome!

In another episode I remember there was a male stripper with another so-called «smooth game guy». The male stripper comes across really stupid behavior wise, but he manages to get one girl to make out with him, another girl removes her panties and gives it to him and later, the first girl pulls him into the bathroom. The judges think he is very stupid, and just got «lucky».

Bennie Holt

Bennie Holt