Picking Up a Girl – Choosing The Right One

Picking Up a Girl – Choosing The Right One

When it comes to picking up girls it is not about pursuing the one that says yes. Instead, you should evaluate her and her personality.

For example, a lot of women are just looking for attention from men. These are the women that are mostly likely to cheat on you or use you financially.

Unfortunately there are a lot of women like this. And the financial aspect becomes a greater motivator as women age.
Additionally you have to be careful about the girls that want to get serious and get married too quickly. Getting married is not something you should do because your friends are.

However many girls feel a lot of pressure from society and their friends to be married with a family, often before they are even ready.

It is not uncommon for women to push for engagement and marriage way too early.

Additionally what is the rush? You will have to spend the next 20, 30, 60 years together? To make a decision of such consequence should not be done hastily.

I recommend you discover the qualities that are important to you in a potential spouse. For example, it is important for my spouse to either be close with her family or have a strong desire to create a family of her own that is close.

Trust your instincts and use caution. I have seen first hand too many men fall for unfaithful women & women that are taking advantage of them financially.

Once you discover some of the qualities you want in a significant other, when you are talking to women you should talk about these topics.

For example I always ask women about their family and if they want a family of their own.
If common interests are important to you in a woman, then you should talk about your interests. For example if you like to wake board, then you ask her if she likes the water & wake boarding.

Another example is finances. This topic is totally open to discussion. I will say when I get married I expect to pay most of the bills however I do expect my wife to at least pay for her own clothes and discretionary money (unless she wants to stay home with children).

Obviously you need to make this specific to you and what you find important in a significant other. There are a lot of good women, but it will force you to meet a few bad ones before you find the right one.
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Bennie Holt

Bennie Holt